Decorative PebblecreteDecorative Pebblecrete

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Pebblecrete or Exposed is emerging again and proving to be quite popular alternative to decorative surfaces depending on the look you are trying to achieve.  Pebblecrete or exposed is ideal for concrete driveways, entertaining areas and pathways.

Decorative Pebblecrete is the process of pouring concrete in the conventional manner, it is then screaded off like normal, and then instead of a trowel finish… the top slurry is hosed off to leave the exposed aggregate or Pebblecrete. To finish the concrete is washed with acid to remove any remaining slurry and then saw cut and coated with a concrete protective sealer.

Many different aggregates (stones/pebbles) are available in a range of sizes and colours and are mixed at the concrete plant prior to pouring. Additional coloured aggregates can be added while the concrete is being poured on site to further enhance the look.

Decorative Pebblecrete