Polished ConcretePolished Concrete

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Polished concrete is becoming increasing popular with many builders, architects and interior designers recommending this as an alternative design feature in many residential homes, offices and commercial outlets.

Polished concrete allows you to create something more unique due to the many alternatives finishes available versus traditional flooring such as tiles, carpet and timber. We can work together with architects, designers & builders on site to achieve your look.

Polished concrete is typically achieved by an infill slab between 100/150mm during construction or as a topping with a min of 60mm, this is where you can select and customise the outcome through the use of special aggregates and colours. The concrete is then finished and allowed to cure for a couple of weeks. Grinding then takes place utilizing different grinding pads to achieve the desired effect.  Types of finishes include;

• Full Grind - were the concrete is grinded back to reveal the detail of the stones or other materials such as glass or quartz.

• Salt & Pepper - is grinded back in a ‘hit & miss’ manner, this results in parts of the polished floor revealing the detail of the stones.

• Burnish Finish – were concrete is mechanically trowelled leaving a smooth finish were no stones are exposed.

Polished Concrete offers you a low maintenance solution that is durable, energy efficient and dust free. Polished concrete is also not limited to slab on ground type construction, it can also be used on wall panels and kitchen benches are emerging as an alternative to granite and marble.

Polished concrete